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I present the most badass gifset on Tumblr.

Legitimately turned on by this

This is the best thing.

Oh my god

I don’t even know this fandom and this is cool.

Reason #999 why the cartoon will always be ONE MILLION PERCENT better than that travesty of a movie. They did so much research and put so much detail in you don’t even notice.

Bonus trivia: Toph got a unique martial arts style to match her distinct version of Earthbending (Southern Praying Mantis style, I think) which the creators found out later was (according to legend) invented by a blind woman. Totally a coincidence, but still so fucking cool.

(If you don’t watch the show, Toph is both blind from birth and the best damn Earthbender in the world. Also, GO WATCH THE SHOW.)

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i will never understand people who shit talk people they’ve dated/ fucked. Like you knew they were a “broke bitch/nigga” or etc when you let them hit/fucked them so who really lost that exchange there pleigh boi 

People need enemies when their feelings are hurt, Niggas don’t fuck with personal accountability like that.

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Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Moreton’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, 29th February 2004

Okay, their joint appearances go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back then?

HOLD UP 2004?  They have pulled the wool over the sheeps eyes!

10 years ago!  Well damn y’all!!!

wherethenaturalthingsare asked: Is it just me or am I the only one that thought Christian Grey was going to be played by someone hotter? To me this guy is ehhhhh. 😕


Yes, we all agree with you. :)




We don’t need to replace our history with myths to validate ourselves and our cultures. Keep it real.

This is literally why I get super annoyed with all those ridiculous ancient egypt memes like pls shut the fuck up and stop using dead people in your bs respectability politics

Nubians were a part of the African diaspora tho smh